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I The Motion Picture 7412.6 1979.12.07 * * *
3.50/10 (2 votes)
The Enterprise having just finished a complete refit is being sent to stop a giant space cloud which is destroying everything in its path. Admiral Kirk re-takes command of the Enterprise and is joined en route by Commander Spock returning from Vulcan. Overcoming the cloud's outer defense systems the Enterprise manages to get inside. Once inside Lt. Ilia is kidnapped by a probe and Spock leaves the ship to discover the cloud's secrets for himself. Screenplay by: Harold Livingston. Story by: Alan Dean Foster. Directed by: Robert Wise.
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II The Wrath Of Khan 8130.3 1982.06.04 * * * * *
9/10 (1 votes)
BWhile surveying planets for life-creating project, Genesis, Commander Chekov, aboard the Reliant, encounters Kirk's old nemesis Khan Noonian Singh (as first seen in TOS #24 "Space Seed"). When Starfleet loses contact with the Genesis science team aboard space station Regula 1, the Enterprise, on a training mission under Captain Spock, is ordered to investigate with Admiral Kirk in Command. Upon arrival the Enterprise is attacked by Khan, aboard the Reliant, and finds the entire Genesis team murdered except for three who managed to beam down the planet being used for the Genesis project. Among them is Kirk's son, David, and his mother, Carol Marcus. The film ends with a memorial service for Spock who died of radiation poisoning while saving the ship. Screenplay by: Jack B. Sowards. Story by: Have Bennett & Jack B. Sowards. Directed by: Nicholas Meyer.
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III The Search For Spock 8210.3 1984.06.01 * * * *
No votes received
The crew disobeys direct orders and steal back the Enterprise depart for quarantine planet Genesis to recover Spock's body and return it to Vulcan in that both his body and his katra as well as the carrier of his katra, McCoy, may find peace. However only the science team, including Kirk's son, David, and Lt. Saavik, is allowed on Genesis, where they find Spock's empty coffin and later find a small Vulcan boy. Soon Klingons, fearing Genesis as a weapon, arrive and kill David, when Enterprise arrives. Written by: Harve Bennett. Dirceted by: Leonard Nimoy.
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IV The Voyage Home 8390.0 1986.11.26 * * * * *
8/10 (1 votes)
As an alien probe approaches Earth, the power systems on everything it approaches become dormant, and upon reaching Earth, the probe attacks Earth's oceans pulling the water right up from them. Meanwhile, the crew of the late starship Enterprise returns to Earth after a unanimous decision, in a captured Klingon ship, to face the charges against them for disobeying Starfleet Command. Upon coming within range, they receive a quarantine message from Earth, from the president of the Federation. After analyzing the probe's transmissions, Spock discovers that it is whale song. The crew then decides to go find some humpback whales in Earth's twentieth century, where they find a few surprises. Screenplay by: Harve Bennett & Steve Meerson and Peter Krikes & Nicholas Meyer. Story by: Leonard Nimoy & Harve Bennett. Directed by: Leonard Nimoy.
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V The Final Frontier 8454.1 1989.06.09 * * ½
10 (Excellent)/10 (1 votes)
After being taken over by Spock's completely illogical, full Vulcan, half brother Sybok the ship goes to the centre of the galaxy and finds a god. In order to get people to co-operate with him, Sybok relieves them of the deepest pain that they carry around inside of them for years. Screenplay by: David Laughery. Story by: William Shatner & Harve Bennett. Directed by: William Shatner.
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VI The Undiscovered Country 9521.6 1991.12.06 * * * * ½
10/10 (1 votes)
After an explosion occurs on the Klingon moon Praxis, the ozone layer on Kronos begins to deplete, reducing the life span of the Klingon Empire to roughly fifty years. The Enterprise is sent to open negotiations with the Klingon Chancellor, Gorkon. However, the mission ends in bloodshed, and Kirk is arrested and accused of murdering the Chancellor. A trial is convened, in which Colonel Worf represents Kirk and McCoy, and they are found guilty and sent to a mining asteroid in Klingon Space. As Kirk and Bones try to find ways to escape, the Enterprise claims technical and engine difficulties to avoid contact with Starfleet. They do however keep up contact with Captain Sulu on the Excelsior. Screenplay by: Nicholas Meyer & Denny Martin Flinn. Story by: Leonard Nimoy and Lawrence Konner & Mark Rosenthal. Directed by: Nicholas Meyer.
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